Rev FM 89.1

Type:Radio Station

Services:WRXV 89.1 Rev FM is State College and Altoona's first full power modern Christian music radio station. The signal Covers most of Centre, Blair, Clearfield, and Cambria counties and extends into Huntingdon and Mifflin counties as well.

The Rev FM website serves as a resource for current news on the Christian music industry, as well as providing information on Christian music concerts that will be occuring in central Pennsylvania.

Distance from Campus:> 10 minute walk


Other:Overall position statement which specifically deals with artists:

RevFM seeks to play modern Christian music, but does so with a specific goal of encouraging believers to grow spiritually and to share the message of Jesus with unbelievers.

Given that goal, we believe that the Bible places special responsibility on those who minister in visible public forums and those who hold influential positions. Christian artists fit that description.

Many Christian artists lead God honoring lives, but occasionally, because of human frailty, artists like other Christians fail spiritually and morally.

When failure happens, the body of Christ needs to rally around and pray for the fallen brother or sister. Additionally, a period of time out of public ministry is essential for the purpose of restoration.

We are not detectives, but when things are exposed publicly, we need to respond. This is not a judgment or a lack of being willing to forgive, but rather a standard we feel called to uphold.

For that reason, when a significant failure is substantiated, RevFM will remove that artist's music from the play list for a period of time. When the artist repents publicly, we then look for an opportune time to restore their music on RevFM.

RevFM Character Policy

  1. We believe that a person's character is an important part of their public ministry. We therefore believe character is non-negotiable and beyond reproach.
  2. We believe in the forgiveness and restoration found in Jesus Christ. We believe that if a member of the body of Christ stumbles, we should help them in the restoration process.
  3. The station will deal with each case individually. We believe each situation will have its own unique set of circumstances and equally it's own set of responses.
  4. We are NOT a church. We believe an individual should fall under the submission and authority of an evangelical church body for the purposes of restoration and counseling. We believe individuals should seek this counseling for the purpose of restoration.
  5. We believe that a leave of absence from public ministry would be required during the restoration process. The time frame would be determined on a case by case basis.
  6. If the individual refuses to repent and seek biblical counseling and continues to live contrary to the Word of God, we will no longer allow their public ministry to continue at RevFM.