Ezekiel Forum


Services:The Ezekiel Forum is a Protestant Christian organization, established for the glory of God. We are committed to the exploration of Scripture for the development of a Christian worldview. Furthermore, we seek to explain this world view to fellow believers, and thereby extend Christian influence into the public sphere.

Through . . .
  • Public forums
  • Guest lectures
  • Round table discussions
  • And other means of communications . . .
The Ezekiel Forum equips God's people with solid biblical answers in regard to social issues. Thus Christians can confidently and intelligently interact with those holding opposing perspectives, and engage our dying world with solid biblical answers. We invite you to join us in our mission.

Distance from Campus:> 10 minute walk

Address:2020 Cato Avenue
State College, PA 16801

Other:Our Mission Statement

The Ezekiel Forum is a Protestant Christian organization committed to exploration of Scripture for the development of a Christian worldview, the articulate explanation of that worldview to fellow believers and non-believers alike, and the extension of Christian influence to the public sphere.

Our Goals
  1. To encourage and equip Christians to think about contemporary religious, cultural and social issues from a thoroughly biblical perspective.
  2. To provide opportunities for discussion among Christians, thereby stimulating a more comprehensive understanding of how the individual, the family, the Church, and the culture are confronted by the Gospel.
  3. To engage others in a manner that is consistent with our understanding of the Bible that is, lovingly and truthfully, recognizing that it is the duty of Christians both to shine as lights in darkness, and to speak God's truth with confidence and courage.