Coalition for Christian Outreach

Organization Type:
Small Group

Meeting Time(s) and Location(s):The Coalition for Christian Outreach works by supporting existing campus ministries rather than by operating as an independent fellowship group. The Coalition for Christian Outreach at Penn State currently works with Elements, which is Calvary Baptist's college ministry, and also with International Ministries at Penn State University.

Distance from Campus:< 10 minute walk

Mission Statement:
    The CCO at Penn State is Committed to:
    • A variety of ministries for a variety of students.
    • Teaching and living a holostic gospel.
    • Worshiping and learning about a God who is alive and at work.
    • Growing in all aspects of life.
    • Having a great time.
    • Renewing our minds.
    • Saving and redeeming the Kingdom.

Vision Statement:
    Transforming College Students to Transform the World.

Statement of Faith:
    Our Core Values

    • All things belong to God.
    • Jesus transforms people’s lives.
    • All things have been and are being redeemed.
    • Faithfulness is pursued in community.
    • Faith demands action.

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