ABC Mime Ministry

Organization Type:
Special Interest Group

Meeting Time(s) and Location(s):Meetings during the PSU school year:

Rehearsals: Saturdays 10-12noon at Unity Church of Jesus Christ

Distance from Campus:< 10 minute walk

Mission Statement:
    The vision of ABC (All aBout Christ) Mime Ministry is to teach people how to interpret gospel songs using expressions and movements without using words or sounds. We want to help them to express their love of God and His love for us by using facial and body movements as well as sign language. We encourage all members to listen for songs that we can mime to, pray about the song and let God give them the vision/movements for the song. We believe that God has deposited a special gift in anyone that participates in ABC Mime. He wants to use us as vessels to get a message across that people might not receive thru another ministry. We will pray for each other, our families and any prayer request that comes up at our rehearsals or ministry times. We welcome the Holy Spirit to inhabit our praises so that the message He needs to deliver for the day will be presented and received in love.

How to find out more about this organization:


    Tracey Jackson
    ABC Mime Ministry
    Unity Church of Jesus Christ
    140 N. Gill Street
    State College, PA 16801