Oakwood Presbyterian Church

Organization Type:

Meeting Time(s) and Location(s):Traditional Worship Service 8:30 AM
Sunday School 9:45 AM (classes for all ages)
Contemporary Worship Service 11:15 AM
Youth Group 7:00 PM

Bible Studies also meet throughout the week. Contact us or check out our website for more information!

You can listen to our Sunday sermons online at: http://www.oakwoodpca.org/index.asp?page=SERMONS

Distance from Campus:> 10 minute walk

Mission Statement:
    What is the purpose of the Oakwood Presbyterian Church?

    The purpose of the Oakwood Presbyterian Church is to glorify God by celebrating God through worship, cultivate spiritual growth in all believers, communicate the Gospel to the world and care for people in the name of Christ.

    Why does Oakwood exist?

    God has called Oakwood Presbyterian Church into existence so that we can receive the grace of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, we ought to embody and share that grace of God in the gospel, especially as this is reflected by our Reformed heritage. This assures our basic reason for existence as bringing glory to God.

    What are we to become?

    We aim to become a congregation that is based in the gospel and motivated by that same gospel. We draw people from the community by having them see the life and power of the Kingdom of God as more and more apparent. We show Godís Kingdom by our worship of God and by our love for others. By this many people will taste the goodness and mercy of God in Christ. We long to see many come to Christ and become discipled in Christ because of the impact of our community for Christ. This can happen as we continue to be transformed into Christ-likeness by that same gospel.

    What do we purpose to accomplish?

    It is our purpose to advance the Kingdom of God in every way, in all places.

    By every spiritual way as well as by the way we act, think, socialize, and engage our culture, it is our privilege to reach out to the lost in an effort to bring them to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and hence advance Godís Kingdom.

    By all places, we mean in our own hearts, in our families, in the church family, in our immediate community, and in the world. This means that we ensure that we are nurtured in the Word of God for personal and family growth. As a nurtured church family, we open ourselves to our immediate community, especially the university campus. We also maintain a sending orientation toward the world, giving so that others may take the gospel to the lost as even we go ourselves. Our goal is to see that the Kingdom of God is advanced into all world cultures.

    As we pursue our mission, we will fulfill our calling and become what we envision, all by Godís amazing grace.

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