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This site was created to provide a single, easy to use information source about Christian groups and resources at Penn State. Over 60 churches, fellowship groups, and resources in the State College area are listed on this site!

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Attending weekly services is an important way to strengthen your relationship with God and increase fellowship with other believers. This section contains information on many different churches in the State College area. Clicking on a church will send you to a page with details about the church's size, meeting times, and beliefs, as well as providing you with any contact information you might need if you have questions. Whether you are looking for a student church or you would like to attend services in a more traditional setting, this section will help you find the worship service best suited to your needs.

If you are concerned about how you will get to church, you have the option to sort churches based on their distance to campus. Many churches are located right on campus, and others are less than a 10 minute walk away. Also, some churches that are not within walking distance offer rides to and from services so that distance is not a barrier. Check out each church's information page to see which one is right for you!


In addition to the various worship services available, there are many groups and fellowships that meet throughout the week, offering you the opportunity to spend more time with fellow believers. Clicking on a group will send you to a page with details about the group's meeting times and beliefs, as well as listing any contact information you might need if you have questions. If you are interested in becoming part of the Penn State Christian community, this section will serve as a useful tool in finding the Christian group that is right for you. If you are already a member of a fellowship, this section will provide you with information on the other groups that are out there, giving you the chance to supplement your regular schedule and meet believers whom you may not normally interact with. The option to sort groups by type is also available to help you as you search.


Our Resources page provides you with a listing of local Christian businesses and services that are available in the area, such as counseling services, retreat centers, radio stations, etc. If you know of a resource you believe should be included on this page, please feel free to contact us with any information you have and let us know!

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Use this page to find information about how to contact the CrossConnect team if you have a question, comment, concern, or suggestion for how we might improve the site. Please also let us know if you know of a group that should be added to the site!